This is Your Go-To Resource for Post-Lockdown Health (At Home)

Posted June 7, 2020

This is Your Go-To Resource for Post-Lockdown Health (At Home)

Although restrictions are lifting in many areas, you may not feel comfortable coming into TAC yet, and you may not feel safe to visit regularly. So, many people continue to stay home even as the lockdown lifts. The good news is that you can keep healthy while sticking close to home—here’s how.

Outfit Your Home for Fitness

Working out at home is more doable than ever with the right approach and the proper equipment.

Change Your Habits for Optimal Health

Staying healthy is about more than hitting the gym.

Grab Healthy Foods, Always

Even when curbside pickup is an option, cooking at home is still healthier.

Getting back into a fitness mindset doesn’t have to mean boring workouts and bland meals. By innovating your at-home workout routine, habits, and menu, you can continue reaching your health goals without leaving home. Once it’s safe to get back to the gym, you’ll be ahead of the game.

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