Caroline Bourcier

I blame my first injury on being shy. I’d been riding on the back of a bicycle while someone else pedaled and I got tired, but didn’t want to complain. I dropped my legs, my foot went in the spokes, we crashed and I suffered my first sprained ankle. I was five years old.

By the time I was in my twenties, I’d lost my shyness… I was playing racquetball, lifting weights, running and playing Judo. I loved the vim and vigor and feeling strong. I wanted to be able to share that with others so I could impact people’s lives and health in proactive ways.

I pursued degrees in physical education and physical therapy and devoured everything I could on fitness and injury rehab. However, with my own injuries, I was sloppy and cavalier. (Since when is more mountain biking the best choice for a fully separated and fractured shoulder?!) It took me several years and injuries to learn how to successfully change my habits and rehabilitate correctly.

My career path taught me how to treat severley complicated back and neck patients as well as guide surgical and nonsurgical sports-injured patients back to wellness. I then went on to run my own boutique clinic in the San Fransisco bay are for fifteen years.

I’ve always sought to find answer to the question. “How can I do this better and more efficiently?” so that I will better help my clients. To date, I’ve attended over 30 postgraduate courses and received additional certifications (massage, manual therapy, exercise coaching, SFMA, Sportsmetrics ACL injury prevention and as an orthopedic specialist).

Through thoroughness and caring, doing the right things at the right time, addressing mindset, setting goals and holding clients accountable, I have had the privilege of helping thousands of athletes return to their sports. Because my clients and I have made most mistakes before you, so you won’t have to!

My mission is to guide you to move better, feel better and stay injury free (and do so in an empowering & fun way…).