Justin Gross

My name is Justin Gross, the health and fitness of others is just as important to me as my own. 
Once I became a Personal Trainer in 2015, I immediately realized that this is what I was called to do. Not only did it allow me to help others succeed physically, but I was capable of helping them grow mentally as well. 
Playing a wide variety of sports growing up in Los Angeles, I’ve always been an athlete. Driven to pursue anything to get me outside and moving, my passion for volleyball grew and during my junior year of high school my club team was invited to the Junior Olympics. That year I ended up fracturing my L-5 vertebrae and wasn’t able to take the opportunity. As a result I began to lose my identity as an athlete. I went off to college and struggled with a variety of mental health related issues, which is when I started getting involved with fitness outside of sports. I became persistent with training for my personal health and quickly noticed the powerful effect fitness and nutrition had been in my own life and wanted to share my knowledge with family and friends.
I moved into the valley to work at Jaywalker Lodge, to help work not only in physical health but mental health as well. That took me into having my own business in that industry. After working in substance abuse for a few years and enjoying it, I realized it didn’t give me what I really enjoyed about training and coaching. 
I’ve always been motivated to help people reach their goals and through my own personal journey I’m driven to provide a service that helps others reach their full potential. Because of the incredible coaches who shaped me into who I am today, I’m passionate in helping young athletes thrive in their respective sport. While I enjoy training sports focused clients, my main goal is to help everyone live a healthier and happier life.