Kate Lokken

Originally from Iowa, I moved to the Roaring Fork Valley 12 years ago. A collegiate athlete in both volleyball and basketball, I have been active my whole life, with a passion for fitness, sport, and nutrition since a young age. I worked with the Aspen Club for several years, developing and executing programs focused around whole health, including the Younger Next Year Total Immersion retreats, a lifestyle change program on how to move better, feel better, and connect into your 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I have been fortunate to work under and with some of the best physical therapists, trainers, instructors, and professionals in the industry.

My training philosophy is to improve performance in everyone, no matter the fitness level. Mobility, stability, and proper movement patterns allow individuals to do what they love at all ages. To achieve longevity in health and fitness, it’s critical to emphasize safe and effective foundation training and programming that will enhance the lives of any client. Increases in strength and endurance in the gym transfer into our everyday activities. I work with a variety of individuals, including young athletes, those who strive to manage weight, and those who simply want to feel better by training in the right way to manage or eliminate pain. I believe that by addressing all components of our health (mental, emotional, physical), it gives us the best chance at attaining goals and creating sustainable, lasting change, with exercise being the catalyst.

In addition to being Director of the Performance Center, I run the Dynamic Movement program for the Aspen Valley Community, working with clients with varying stages of dementia. I also serve as Executive Director of My Community Health Foundation, a non-profit striving to improve access to health and wellness resources and education to everyone in the community.

In my free time, you’ll often find me on the volleyball or basketball court, trying out a new sport or activity, or paddle boarding in the summer on the water. I love spending time with my family, my friends, and my dog and taking advantage of the many things this community has to offer.


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