Wellness Packages

We specialize in creating all-inclusive wellness packages that are what you need to create and achieve your health goals! Work with the experts at TAC, enjoy our state-of-the-art facilities, and let us help you find the package that will work best for you!

Kick-Start Package

Kick-start your wellness with a simple, affordable package that includes movement screening, body composition assesment, fitness membership, and nutrition counseling.

1 Month Commitment


Accelerate Package

Take your wellness to the next level with movement screening, body composition assessment, personal training sessions, health coaching, and nutrition counseling.

3 Month Commitment


Performance Package

Do you exercise for the purpose of increasing strength, endurance, or sport performance? We’ll help acheive optimal health, fitness, and sport performance!

6 Month Commitment


Transformational Package

This life-changing package includes quarterly baseline measurements, ALCAT testing and blood testing, personal training, health, life, and nutrition coaching, massage & bodywork, movement screening, and so much more!

1 Year Commitment